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O originally appeared to 97 within a dream, instructing to her that she will be the bearer of her reborn soul. Being utterly confused and somewhat frightened, 97 didn't really know what to make out of this dream ... that is, until she started glowing unexpectedly (An Immaculate conception if you will ...). 2 weeks later, and O's soul was "reborn" into an infant body.

Because of her unusual circumstances surrounding her birth, she was already labeled as a 'strange' child. It didn't help matters that her mind was always somewhere else, easily distracted by the littlest things. People would often hear her sleep-talk at night, sounding like she's carrying on a conversation with someone. It wasn't until later that people found out she actually could carry conversations with the souls of the dearly departed. She will often tell friends or families of those dearly departed messages they have from the beyond (Mostly that they said "Hello").

She spent most of her life connecting the dead with the living, that is, until she fell in love with Cross. When she found affection for this stitchpunk, she inadvertantly lost her powers, being both blind and deaf to the departed. When this happened, she went ballistic, doing everything she could to have them return. She went so far as to attempt suicide, getting so close before her mother managed to intervene. After which, she managed to stable herself mentally, making her relationship with Cross official, and mothering a daughter, Trinity, with him.

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She is very close to her mother, 97, whom she had chosen in her previous life to give birth to her soul. She also has high regard to her Mothers, Go and Nana, with their ability see and hear ghosts (Unlike her, who can only see, hear, and talk to these ghosts if the ghosts make contact with her first.) She also respects her brothers, and often plays with them.

She also has a growing relationship with Cross, which was accidental at first, but soon found growing affection for him the more she tried to make him see things the way she sees them. This, unfortunately, causes her powers to diminish drastically, finding something earthly to love.


More often than not called an "elf child", a "nymph", or more commonly by her mother, "angel". She has the tendency to let her mind wander into more outer- and other-worldly subjects, especially during long lectures and 1's bickering rants. With her mother being a spiritual leader, she has a great respect for the spiritual being and the religious factor the stitchpunks apparently seem to hold.

Theme song[]

Don't Stop Believing (Journey) Aerith's Theme (Final Fantasy VII)

Voice Actor[]

Janice Kawaye (XJ9 from My Life as a Teenaged Robot)