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Is a pchat newbie


  • I attend a film school is Eastern Canada
  • I'm a huge 6x9 shipper, but am still open to any pairing this fandom comes up with
  • I love Big Fish and The Book Thief so much it scares me
  • I am a neeerd. I love to analyze lots of things about movies, books, comics, anything that has a story, I think about it a lot.

Original Characters[]

111 (Eleventy-One)- The youngest of a tribe of dolls, he's naive but has a good imagination. Also can't read his number correctly, giving him a strange name. In a relationship with Inverse.

104 (Ten-Four)- A part of the same tribe as Eleventy-One, he's a loyal friend and acts like a big brother. Tends to be painfully honest.

Inverse- A villainous character, lacking a conscience and is only involved with Eleventy-One for her own gain. Has no number, gave herself the name.