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Marionette is the creation of -80, made from random parts and a body she bought from 995. she followed Neg like a puppy, as a child, willing to do anything her 'creator' says. when she woke, she had absolutely no memory of who she was or is, so she relied on -80 and her own experiances to teach her about the world. she is a very late bloomer, in that she upgrades later them most around her. she has chosen 1336 as her mate, and they had two children, Murrelle (decesed) and Khephri.


Marionette is very obedient, but friendly, and will follow anyone when Neg is not around. 80 is often her babysitter. she loves anyone thats nice to her, and she is always happy to do anything other people tell her to do, and enjoys following random people around. she is often stealing peoples things and loves to cause minor trouble like Neg.she is friendly to any and all, but will get angry, and shes actually very mature for her body. her favorite passtimes are leeching with 245 Neg, and 1336. she will also go drinking on occasion, although she drinks far less now that she had a child.


M had a very strong bond with Neg and was hardly ever seen without her. she also loves 80 cause she makes dresses for her, and has a strange fascination with 36. she just adores 1336, 80 and 36's daughter. she also likes 992, Draco, and 245. nowadays, she is 1336's other half, and they are so close, they finish eatchother's sentaces from time to time.


Anne Hathaway (White Queen, Alice in Wonderland)

Theme song(s)[]

"Just for" - Nickleback

"I know where you sleep" - Emilie Autumn

"MIss Lucy had some Leeches" - Emilie Autumn

"Psychosocial" - Slipknot

what others say[]

"she's the most wonderful person ever, i love her :3" - 1336

Created by Linkslovergirl[]