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Dew (as in Du, the french number for 2) is the first daughter born of Oon and 91, with Oon being the carrier (unlike her younger sister, Kat, who was carried by her other father, 91). She takes after Oon in which she does her best to make fashionable clothes for everyone (especially her younger sister), but like 91, is cursed with random bouts of sleep. Although she does her best to work through these sleep attacks, it has left Oon to judge her 'too weak' to go out in the emptiness alone. Words alone cannot stop this little child, though, and every chance she has, she goes and has little adventures of her own in the emptiness.

Her attempts have slowed down, however, after finding that she has feelings for a certain someone, 26 (That and the scare she got when she fell 6 feet from from a window). Since then, she's grown inclined to stay inside of the tower, despite her longing for adventure outside.


Dew is very close with her family - She idolizes Oon and his handiwork in his fashion, loves to use 91 as a pillow, and loves her little sister Kat to death. She idolizes her grandparents, 196 and 63, and thinks 97 and 99 are the coolest aunts ever to have existed - although she gets in trouble a lot for stealing 97's blade. She does, however, have trouble getting along with Trey, her adopted brother, feeling as if there is something amiss with him - not to say she won't accept him as part of the family, she just finds it odd that there something disturbingly familiar about the child. She is building a sort of Brother-sister relationship with him, but finds him more like the 'annoying little brother that won't leave you alone.'

She finds feelings for 24 and Zed's son, 26, who she looks at as her "knight in shining armour", having him saved her life on a multiple of occasions (Although many of them were just pretend saving and others were just menial things). While she is just a tad more confident than him, she finds herself getting flustered whenever he is around.


Outgoing and adventurous. If there's one thing she hates, is being a caged bird. She'll often go out just to spite the overprotective Oon, and will only come home if 26 will accompany her. But her personality can change dramatically once she had her afternoon nap, and she becomes more lucid and docile once she wakes up. The only times you can see her sweet and tender sides is when she is with 26.

Voice Actor[]

Chantal Strand (Bijoux of Hamtaro)