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To Redeem Us

Cleo started out life as 44, and had no memory of her prior human life before being placed in her human body. She traveled with 79, her mate, in the Emptiness far to the south of the clock tower. It was a relatively happy existence, despite having to dodge beasts and move their camp every few days: she was in love and happy.

Then the night that would change her life happened. It was cold, so 79 had built them a fire to keep warm. Unfortunately, its light caught the attention of a beast, who attacked their camp. The machine was taken down, but not before knocking 79 into the fire. He died from his injuries, while 44 was severely burned on her right hand and across her torso while trying to pull him out. The trauma was so much for her to deal with that she ended up forgetting that part of her life ever happened: in short, she ended up with a case of retrograde amnesia so severe that she could not even recall her own name. (Though the burn across her torso eliminated all chances of learning it, as it was there where her number was written.) She tied a piece of purple ribbon around her body to hide the burnt fabric, and began wandering the Emptiness alone.

It was during these wanderings that she came across Anubis, unconscious and injured after a one-sided battle with 1191. She repaired his wounds. He gave her the name Cleo, and led her back to the clock tower, where she now lives.


Cleo's first and foremost relationship is with Anubis and Y, as they were the first two people she really got to know in the tower. She is terrified of 81, and calls him "sir" all the time.


Cleo is sweet and good-intentioned, almost to a fault, and is a huge softie: when she was fixing Anubis, she was crying the whole time because she was scared that she might be hurting him with her needle. She also has a tendency to be incredibly naive, as well as grateful for anything given to her. She is a packrat, and tucks anything she believes will be useful into the ribbon around her middle.

She is very skittish about her right hand, and refuses to talk about it unless she is very, very comfortable with someone. If you want to see her really tweak out, make a move to pull off her ribbon.

Voice Actor

Laura Bailey - Tohru Honda in the English dub of "Fruits Basket"

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