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Welcome to the 9 Renaissance Wiki!

Welcome to 9 Renaissance, the reincarnation of pchat9wiki.

This space was created for the insane amount of fanon (that's fan-created canon, if you didn't know) that was generated by the minds at 9's perilous pchat. Our purpose is to document original characters (aka OCs), relationships, family trees, and other details that elaborate on the world portrayed in Shane Acker's "9".


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  • Write up pages for your OCs, and edit those that deal with canon characters or other OCs who have relationships with yours.
  • Interact with your fellow "9" fans.


Looking for more?

We also have a LiveJournal community, where you can post your pChatverse OCs, RPs, fanfics, and more. Please note that you'll need a Livejournal account in order to post or comment on the entries. This is also a moderated community, so if you join and your LJ isn't the name you use on pChat, please let MamaCJ know so that she can approve you.

Important Note: Please update the Timeline as appropriate for your characters and major events.

Legal Stuff

  • "9" and its characters, etc., are all the property of Shane Acker and Focus Features. No one here pretends to have any claim to the source material, only their own creations. This is only for fun, not for profit.


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