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� 929 is one of the bartenders at the loners' bar, and is the resident cuckoo cloud lander for them

Maker: Shaman Project

Generation: Unknown

Creator: mutanthairything


As a human, 929 worked on Captain Ellard Daniel Fraisher's ship, but during the war against the machines, he was captured with his captain and forced into a stitchpunk body.

There, he brought his brewery and interpersonal skills to 201s bar, greeting each customer with a friendly smile and thinking of new ways to prepare and market the oil. Though he is happy with his position, he dreams of exploring the world and creating a trade network similar to the humans' (if someone else comes to watch out for rouges and beasts, that is). �


929 is one of the happiest, kindest, helpful people you could meet in this barren world. He really wants people to treat him well, unlike most he met in his life, and will go out of his way if he feels that something needs to be done (unless, of course, it involves fighting). He is sort of a foil to 201, being as outgoing and she is stoic. However, as he was very weak as a human, he is meek around those who scare him, whether they're loners, rouges, or clocktower stitchpunks. In those moments, he can be a bit of a doormat.

Sometimes, though, his over-friendliness bothers some of the stitchpunks, and they aren't afraid to send him away (though the soft-hearted ones can't say no to that smile, can they?). When he's in a very good mood (or just drunk enough) he performs odd dances on the counter top.


929 will always be closest with his captain, and sees him as the father he always wanted. He's close friends with 201, though no romantically involved with her, and tries to teach her to interact more with the customers. He is also friends with A (she loves spending time with him, too), and i (though it's kind of one-sided).

Generally, he's called anyone who isn't mean to him a "friend".

What other characters say about him[]

"Eh, he's strange, but he's at least nice towards our customers. Besides, his dances are funny." - 201 �


Voice Actor: Kevin McDonald

Theme Song: Jolly Roger's Lagoon (Banjo-Tooie soundtrack)