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80 does not honestly remember how she was made, or of anything, really, before her years wandering the Barrens, as she called them. For many years she wandered the Emptiness with her sister, -80. after an... incedent with her sister, -80 ran away from 80 and was not seen again for a very long while. 80 wandered alone for a number of years, and out of pure chance, she stumbled onto a rescue mission to save Kaleb from 66/6, where she meet 992 and Draco. the rescue was a success, and after that, she went to live at the tower, where she met 36, her future mate (yes, she is bi), and had two littles with 36. 1336 and 116. -80 met her at the tower soon after he moved in, and now lives at the tower with 80 and her family. 80 is very good friends with 992 and her family. she likes to go out exploring the emptiness, but never farther then half a mile away. she has an adversion to being alone for any time longer then two days.


80 is very creative and a quick learner. she knows how to knit and sew, and she loved to make plushies for the littles. She tries to get along with everyone, and often does. she doesnt talk to people much, due to the simple fact that she is always doing something. she keeps herself busy, one way or another. if she isnt doing something, worry. she also had a strange habit of talking out loud to herself when she is bored or lonely, most likely due to the fact she had spend the majority of her life alone. she is cheerful most of the time, but is sometimes prone to bouts of melencholy, for no reason whatsoever, but this happens rarely. in general, she is fairly easy to get along with, if a bit strange


decided to not like i, but gets along well with the others. is now good friends of 992 and her family. is 36's mate, and hates 7, Theta and 135 with a passion. she tries not to go hating people, unless with good reason, and only after she heard both sides of the story

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