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20's human life was short: His name was Benjamin Montesanti, and he was a magnificent geek. He was the last of his family to pass away, at the age of 15. His spirit was detected by Nana and Go, and anchored into a teenaged body. His initial reaction of shock and fear to his new body and the appearance of his new allies caused him to try and take off in a panic, but he tripped over his own feet and landed right on his face, causing his optics to be knocked loose. He was repaired immediately, with a wire holding his optics in place, giving him the appearance of wearing glasses. He quickly befriended some of the second gen, such as 75, 15 and 54, and soon was comfortable with his new life exploring the clock tower and the Emptiness.

As he grew older and more familiar with everyone, he began noticing 97- and, much to 75's chagrin, since she had a crush on 20, began telling 75 at length how pretty 97 was, and how he was so scared to ask her out, etc. As he tried to approach her though, he got to see more and more of her bratty attitude. Ultimately, he realized that he wasn't attracted to her anymore... but to 75. Everybody awww.


20 has adopted 2 as his father figure, and spends much of his time away from his peers with him, helping him by organizing the workshop and keeping it tidy. He is good friends with 15, 54, and 75. He likes 125, but the amount of attention he gives 75 makes him jealous and irritable.

He started having a crush on 97, but was quickly put off by how self-absorbed she was. Eventually he realized that he was in love with 75, since pretty much day one, and hadn't understood that love wasn't about how someone looked but how they treated you. 35 terrifies him though, so he tends to love 75 from afar.

Very, very far.


20 is still a geek, so he will get excited over silly and random things. He likes to invent stories for the entertainment of his peers and the third gen, but he is very truthful with his elders (to the point of being a snitch once in a while). He is polite to everyone, but has a tendancy to be a bit snarky when he's frustrated by something or someone. He enjoys inventing and doing research.

Voice Actor[]

Seth Green

Theme Songs[]

"Hail to the Geek" by Deaf Pedestrians "White and Nerdy" by "Weird Al" Yankovic

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