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1881, Medical Pioneer.

"Hold these wires, I wanna see if you can carry a current."


As a little child, she wandered the emptiness with her parent figure; little is known about him/her. They were violently mauled by a beast before 1881's tiny optics, leaving her alone and scarred for life as she watched the only person in her world die. The green sash around her waist was the last thing he/she gave to her.

She was eventually found and adopted by 26 and Dew. Forever haunted by the death of her first parent (she blamed herself for not being able to save them), she develops an interest in medicine at a young age. Through a series of events, she ends up apprenticing under 86, alongside 2k. Her thirst for knowledge is not sated by his lessons alone, though, and she takes up research in the library, eventually going so far as to conduct secret experiments upon herself.

Her first medical innovation is the use of magnets of anesthetics, which led to her graduating early from her apprenticeship. She has continued to work in the field of medicine, discovering uses for tools, making diagrams, writing journals, and first and foremost, being a crazy prepared mechanic and doctor.


26 and Dew are her adoptive parents, whom she loves very much. She looks to 86 as a father figure, and respects his wisdom greatly. Even if that may mean getting thwacked with a wrench.

2000 is her co-apprentice and her best friend as a child. After an incident involving 59, 2k's brother, 1881 and 2k developed a relationship.


1881 is, to say the least, ambitious an inquisitive. She has a dangerous thirst for knowledge, and has a hard time knowing when to stop herself when it comes to experiments and research. Her motivation for her medical discoveries and studies stems from her need to protect and save people, since she was unable to protect her cartaker when she was a little child. She is crazy prepared, and as an adult, she carries around a first aid kit in a satchel, just in case.

She is a very curious person, and is willing to try anything at least once. Anything.

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