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1336 is 80 and 36's daughter, a rather unexpected one at that. she is growing up with 80's small, but tight family. Auntie Neg is her adult parner in crime, along with Marionette and 245. they influenced her greatly growing up.


1336 is a very happy, yet at the same time reclusive person. she is prone to random outbursts and attitude problems, although she now knows how to control her small outbursts. she is an empath like her Momma, 36, and has 80's habit to be mean without meaning to.


1336 is Marionette's mate and 245's best friend. she tries to get along with everybody, and she is generally very likable

Theme song(s)[]

"Just for" - Nickleback

"Love song for a Vampire" - Annie Lennox


Annie Lennox

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