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Also known as Eleventy-One


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104- He views 104 as his mentor and older brother. 104 is the one who helps cheer him up, taunt him in a friendly way, and yet will be the type to tell him exactly what he's doing wrong. 104 thinks 111 is in an unhealthy relationship with Inverse, and it's one of the rare things they disagree on.

Inverse- Is involved romantically with her, though he denies to himself that it won't end well, Inverse only cares for him on the surface of things, which fools 111 very well.


Joshua Seth (Hige, Wolf's Rain). sample

Theme Song[]

"All in My Head" by Katie Melua

What Others Say...[]

"Now look, I'm going to be painfully honest: I think you're being idiotic, which is a sad thing to happen to a smart lad such as yourself. You've shown a spark in your mind before, and I'd like for you to show that more often." -104

"He's much too... pure for my liking. He's either completely scared of something, or completely enthralled by it. He needs to be shown how the world works." -Inverse

Fun Facts[]

  • The phrase "eleventy-one" comes from J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings close to the beginning of the book, as Bilbo Baggins talks about how he is celebrating his one hundred and eleventh birthday ("I'm eleventy-one today!")

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