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Is also known as Neg, she knows far more about her and 80's collective past, buts telling anytime soon. she likes to sleep around when she can, but refuses to pursue any sort of serious realtionship, due to an... incedent regarding her mate, years and years before her time at the tower. Neg is a crazy dork, and likes to go out and scare people. there is evidence that she has killed other stichies before, but when asked, and will only reply "i might have. keep asking and ill show you". she has befriended many of the littles in 80 and 992's family, and has a small hatchery of sorts for pet spiders. She has a pet turantula, named Fuzzy


she keeps close to her sister, but stays away from others for the most part. she can be very nice, just... never go out alone with her, unless you are a friend of 80's. she has decided to make it her life mission to steal 999's scarf (she likes it greatly) and is the unofficial stalker of 117. she likes to meet new people, and will never hesitate to jump into a new situation. she also thinks 995 is very useful. she just loves 1336 and M, her niece and creation. she is rather good with children, and cares for then like her own. she gets along with most, but tends to drive others away with her strange tendancy to be all-around creepy. she loves to pull pranks and stalk unsuspecting victems, yet has mellowed out consiterably after the creation of M and 1336's birth.


she is very easy to get along with, but tends to creep people out with her evil brand of crazy. it is noted that, while essentially evil, -80 will act very civil with her 'sister' 80, often helping others. she likes to drink, ALOT and can be bribed with oil. she likes to take things apart (stitchpunks included), and is currently working on a way to improve upon her initial design of Marionette, to perhaps make another. she was talk inceccently if you let her, and she will never take no for an answer, unless it suits her needs. she is a excellent liar, and is smiling, always


Suzanne Pleshette (Zira lion king 2)

Theme song(s)

"When you're Evil" - Voltaire

"Pain" - Three Day's Grace

"Twisted Trasistor" - Korn

"Miss Lucy had some Leeches" - Emilie Autumn

"Said the spider to the fly" - the pAper chAse

What others say

80 - she's insane, and my sister... what left is there to say?

1336 - i love Auntie Neg, shes so cool!

106 - "I like it when she plays with my hair~!! Hehe~!! <3"

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