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The skirt if removable (I'll get a color pic up later)

Back Story

When Moon was human her name was Mako Lee. She was from China, but as a small child moved with her family to England so she never learned Chinese. When she was eighteen she ran away with a man named Mr. Kowe who was 35. She looked at him as her sort of savior. They were married, but to him, she was just another prize, another. When she was nineteen she got pregnant and had a daughter, later named Suki.

Mr. Kowe was really not a very good man. He beat Mako and treated her like dirt. After the war started, (when Mako was 20) he did not want to loose his favorite 'trophy' so he found out information through his spies about the Scientist and forced him to make Mako into a Stitch-punk. Mako would not go through the procedure until her daughter was also put into a new body, she was one. Mr. Kowe agreed to Mako's conditions and let her create her and her daughters' new bodies. They lived like this til the gas killed Mr. Kowe.

Mako now Moon (was turned into a stitchpunk on Chinese New year which is in accordance to the moon (hence Moon)) at the age of 23 years old took off in hand with the Suki now 3/4 who was then 4 years old. As she was was wandering around with her daughter and they were attacked by a beast. But out of the blue ING jumped down on the beast and blinded it with his fists. The beast screamed and threw ING against a wall and ran away and then off a cliff (Cuz it was blind now). Moon ran to him and discovered his eye was dented and the glass was cracked and covered in mud. She took care of him til he was better and they went off to find his brother IQ and stepsister DaTa. They eventually fall in love on their adventure to find his family and soulbond.

They get to the place were his home used to be and they find IQ and DaTa out of harms way. Soon Moon starts glowing green and it is apparent they need to build bodies for her arrivals. While ING is scrownging around and trying to find parts for his children he runs across 2 in the emptyness. 2 helps him finish the bodies and deliver Angle and Ray.

After they are born, ING, Moon, 3/4, DaTa and IQ move in with the rest of the original 9.

General Character

Moon is very into fashion and looking her best. She is quiet and shy, but still is full of energy. She loves her daughter and would do anything to protect her.


Moon is 3/4's mommy

Wife to ING

Angle and Ray are the children of Moon and ING

Voice Actor

Theme Song Other's Say...

"She's my mama and I wuv her!" -3/4

Created by FairyMae